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I have deleted the file through regedit.But I could see the service in the services window.When I am trying to find its properties it is showing as “Path unspecified”. Any recommendation on how to check if the services are legit or not before removing it. For example random named services created by malware or viruses. A click on services lists all available Windows Services as subfolders of that key. Please note that the service’s Service Name is used as the folder name which means that you may need to open the Services listing once again to identify the right services. The window displays folders on the left side, and subfolders or parameters on the right.

The blue screen error prompt ‘Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart’ is a prevalent error message. We provide 11 fixes that cover all standard issues that result in this error. Try them one by one to get rid of the unexpected system crash. If any important files are lost in the process, try EaseUS data recovery software to get them back.

Why Fix Broken Registry Items?

Ironic that the link was to a page extolling the virtues of McAfee. I have not tried the registry cleaner yet, and fear using it without some positive way to get back to where I was before. I use Acronis backup on my system which would probably get me out of trouble, but it is still risky. One thing I did want to mention for future reference.

This tool improves PC boot time, Internet download speed, CPU performance, drivers, and RAM. Wise Registry Cleaner fixes registry problems and helps you boost your PC performance. More than that, thanks to system tune-up you can also defrag the windows registry and optimize relevant settings to get a better internet and system speeds.

In trying to repair the error so that the blue screen doesn’t happen again, you could cause the computer to have even more serious issues. If the blue screen happens during an update, revert back to your previous version of Windows using the settings in the control panel or by using system restore. Once in the Action Center, you can view details about the critical failure that caused the blue screen and work on some troubleshooting to discover the root cause. From the Action Center you can also access the minidump file that was created when the error error: 0x80240017 occurred, which can give you some valuable information about the error and what caused it. A bad memory module can cause unpredictable behavior in a Windows system, including the dreaded blue screen of death.

System files are essential for your OS to work properly. In other words, system files are core files that keep Windows working the way it’s supposed to.

Error 501 Or 505

Below we will look at a few of the most common ones in more detail so that you can more accurately determine the cause and assess your chances of a successful recovery. When all else fails, we’re going to need to format the drive. All your data will be lost, but if you can’t access the drive and you made it this far, we have no choice.

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